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Students & Educators

expertise educationEducation is the key to an informed and well-functioning society, and testing is the key metric in understanding and measuring the effectiveness of an educational tool set. A test is only as good as its measurement validity. At EurekaFacts, we have extensive experience testing and analyzing a variety of educational materials; from pre-testing national assessment materials for K-12 students, to analyzing salient factors in parents' decision making process when selecting a private school for their children. Our experience includes both formative and evaluative research, as well as an inter-disciplinary approach to evaluating educational materials, all done to ensure that our clients gain maximum benefit after their education testing.

EurekaFacts has significant experience conducting research-driven evaluations of educational materials. The key to our success lies in our rigorous methods of assessment, including the following:

  • Small group "tryouts" which put students in classroom like settings to gain insight as to how they perceive and understand the educational material in question. The testing setting closely mimics a natural environment in which students would be completing the test.
  • One-on-one cognitive interviews to evaluate students' comprehension of the materials. This interviewing technique is used to examine student's understanding of the test questions in an effort to help improve the content and presentation of information.
  • Focus groups to promote a discussion among students regarding their thoughts, impressions, and difficulties with educational materials.
  • Usability testing of technology based assessments (TBA) utilizing the latest technology, including the usability of tablet computers, the user interface of different tasks, and student's experience with interactive tasks.
Cross-Cultural Audiences

expertise crossculturalGrowing diversity in the United States and an increasingly interconnected world makes culturally sensitive research a must-have requirement for most research efforts today. At EurekaFacts we have built an organization that maintains a focus on enhancing our strength in conducting high quality studies that are cognizant of the cultural sensitivities and nuances of various populations even when conducted in a single country.

Our senior team is fluent in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, and Ukrainian. Senior analysts expand this to cover Chinese, Turkish, Latinos, Arabic and Persian. With such a diverse team we have built processes and an organizational culture that designs and fields studies maintaining the cross-cultural awareness so needed to properly ask questions, interpret findings, and issue sound recommendations.  But our team does not simply stop there. Some of our additional strengths include:

  • A solid network of local resources around the world, augments our firm’s capacity to match an often surpass those of the traditionally large international organizations
  • Expertise and experience conducting research among audiences of varying levels of education, including those of low socio-economic status, professionals, scientists,  and policymakers
  • Multilingual Institutional Review Board
  • EU Safe Harbor compliant
  • Multilingual team experienced at conducting international studies

These capabilities allow EurekaFacts to conduct culturally sensitive research in multiple languages, both in the United States as well as in many nations across the globe.  Our analyses provide our clients with the insightful findings and recommendations that come with our understanding of the nuances of cross-cultural research.

Hispanic Research

1 hispanic marketsLatinos, the largest minority population in the US, now account for more than 55 million people in the US. Reaching this population is increasingly important to organizations and private companies. As a Hispanic owned company, EurekaFacts has over 15 years of experience in conducting research with Hispanic populations, and brings unmatched capabilities to designing, fielding, and analyzing many types of research efforts to understand the Hispanic populations. We know that Hispanics in the U.S. do not represent a monolithic group, but differ in terms of country of origin, socio-economic status, acculturation levels, and often media channel specific language preferences.

Our key capabilities include:

  • A team of bilingual/bicultural research methodologists and analysts who understand the nuances of the Hispanic market in the U.S. and internationally
  • A fully bilingual field services division that includes a call center, and a team of recruiters and outreach coordinators with a proven track record of reaching the most hard to reach segments of the Hispanic population
  • A national team of interviewers and moderators stationed in key markets of the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Latin America
  • Our own geo-demographic segmentation system of Hispanic Households: Segmentos

These capabilities allow EurekaFacts to conduct culturally sensitive research in English and Spanish with diverse and hard to reach Hispanic populations. Our analyses provide our clients with the insightful findings and recommendations that come with our understanding of Hispanic consumers.