CATI & Survey Data Collection Center

The EurekaFacts Contact Center is equipped to field research interviews via all modes of administration. We use CATI software to recruit and schedule participants for research studies and research panels.


  • CATI call center with a large multilingual study capacity (120 station capacity) including 16 stations in a secure environment.
  • Call centers in Rockville, Maryland, and San Salvador, El Salvador.
  • English and Spanish language interviewing capabilities on staff
  • Expertise in managing large data collection projects using multiple modes of fielding, coordinating, and conducting survey administration by mail, online, telephone, and in-person.
  • Expert teams are available to field in-person intercept, site-based and household survey studies.
  • Recruitment team specializes in recruiting, scheduling, and fielding research studies.
  • Certified for data collection in compliance with ISO quality standard: ISO 20252 for Market, Public Opinion, and Social Research.
  • Systems and a physical facility configured to maintain the protection of personal (PII), sensitive information, and trade secrets.
  • FISMA/FEDRAMP/ATO Secure environment audited. Compliant for HIPAA security.
  • DCAA costing and time-keeping system compliant which enables proper tracking and allocation of costs to each project.

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