CATI & Survey Data collection center

Contact Center equipped to field research interviews  via all modes of administration, using CATI software, recruit and schedule participants for research studies and research panels.

  • A CATI call center with large multilingual study capacity. Over 120 station capacity, sixteen stations in a secure environment.
  • Call centers in Rockville, Maryland and San Salvador, El Salvador.
  • English and Spanish language interviewing capabilities on staff
  • Expertise in managing large data collection projects using multiple modes of fielding, coordinating and conducting survey administration by mail, online, via telephone, and in person.
  • Team of experts available to field in-person intercept, site-based and household survey studies.
  • A recruitment team specialized in recruiting, scheduling and fielding research studies.
  • Certified o ISO 20252 for data collection in compliance with ISO quality standard ISO 20252 for market, public opinion and social research.
  • Systems and a physical facility configured to maintain protection of personal, sensitive information and trade secrets. FISMA/FEDRAMP/ATO Secure environment – audited. Also compliant for HIPAA security. Participant in the Privacy Shield program for compliance with European Union GDPR.
  • DCAA compliant costing and time-keeping system which enables proper tracking and allocation of costs to each project.