Best Communications Practices Study

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


About EurekaFacts and the study  

A social research company based in Rockville, MD, EurekaFacts’ mission is to facilitate social change through research. The purpose of this study is to identify effective communication practices with several communities. In order to understand how different community members access grant opportunities and other support for their communities, we want to understand how they access relevant news and information. The goal is to help improve government agencies’ outreach to communities when funding opportunities are available.  

How will the study be conducted? 

We would like to hear what trusted community members like you have to say about communications in your communities, so we thought virtual listening sessions would be the most effective way to achieve this. Please join us if you are able. 

What are listening sessions? 

Listening sessions have been deemed to be one of the best methods for ensuring good communication and providing valuable information to enhance a relationship. Observe that the emphasis is on listening – from our side, the listeners, not on speaking, but engaging in active listening through attentive, concentrated attention. Listening sessions are facilitated discussions with a group of people that are aimed at collecting information about their experiences. They are similar to focus groups. 

What will happen during the listening session? 

Listening sessions often involve participants sharing what they know and thinking and answering questions about certain topics. The goal is to understand the opportunities and challenges associated with a topic as perceived by community members.  

How long will the listening session last? 

The listening session should last about 60 minutes. 

In which language will the listening session be conducted? 

They will be conducted in English. 

Where will the listening session take place? 

Because this study is being conducted nationwide, the listening session will happen virtually through an online meeting platform, such as zoom. Once you confirm your desire to participate, we will share the virtual meeting details with you. 

What are the possible risks? 

This study does not pose any risks beyond those found in everyday life. 

How did you get my contact information? 

We selected you and others like you as influential residents who are recognized as trusted leaders, and we identified you through public research due to your prominent work or role. 

Will my information be kept private? 

Yes! Your answers will not be linked to your name, and you will be assigned an identification (ID) number. The information you provide will remain confidential. 

Can participation end early? 

Participation is completely up to you. Any participant can decline to answer any questions. You can also decide to opt-out of the study at any time. 

Who can I contact if I have additional questions? 

If you have any questions about the study, please email Sarah Shapiro at