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Policy Research

New Policy Research for the New Year

Association CEOs are bombarded with requests for new research. If your Board has given you a new directive to research a policy issue or develop fact-based policy positions to further your mission, contact EurekaFacts, a custom research firm with the flexibility and expertise to meet the needs of your Association.

Through March 31, EurekaFacts will offer one free consultation with the goal of planning evidence-based policy research or evaluating research approaches (e.g. perception, economic impact), or communicating these research findings to policymakers and other stakeholders. Think of this consultation as your pre-planning meeting, so you can better navigate complex issues.

Complete the EurekaFacts bid and info request form and Alison Wurzel will contact you to discuss this opportunity for Associations.

Policy Research Case Study
The Alliance for International Exchange, an association of 90 nongovernmental organizations, needed credible and unbiased factual research about the impact of youth exchange on participants, alumni, U.S. employers, and the greater U.S. economy that could be shared with the legislature and the public. Research conducted by EurekaFacts saved the Summer Work Travel (SWT) program in 2018, because all parties (Senators/Representatives from both sides of the aisle) had common data numbers when they wrote support letters to the Department of State. Read the full SWT research brief. The study was conducted in full accordance with the international standard for market, public opinion, and social research ISO 20252, to which EurekaFacts is certified.