Latino Research

Latinos, the largest minority population in the US now accounts for more than 55 million people in the US. Reaching this population is increasingly important to organizations and private companies. At EurekaFacts we have unequalied capabilities to design, field and analyze any effort pertaining to the Hispanic market.

Key capabilities:

  • A team of bilingual/bicultural research methodologists and analysts.
  • A national team of interviewers and moderators in key markets of the US and Puerto Rico.
  • Analyts and statisticians expertis in demographics, demand estimation, communications and other quantitative studies using a wide range of sources
  • Our own geo-demographic segmentation system of Hispanic Households Seg-Men-Tos.
  • A bilingual research call center that recruits respondents, fields surveys and maintains our Hispanic Research Panel.  

EurekaFacts provides culturally sensitive research in English and Spanish fit to understand the diverse populations grouped under the labels of Hispanic or Latinos.

We have conducted multiple studies in the several areas including:

  • Spanish language focus groups
  • Spanish language surveys
  • Latino population data analysis
  • Hispanic population geo-demographic segmentation
  • Examination of spending patterns
  • Advertising testing
  • Field studies of Latinos
  • Cognitive testing and affective response to messaging

To learn more contact us at (240) 403-4800 or email us at


Representative Projects
  • Advertising testing among non-aculturated and bicultural Hispanics.
  • Survey Translation and Cognitive Testing of National Evaluation
  • Formative research for an ad campaign
  • Folic Acid Segmentation Campaign
  • Consumer Product Focus Groups
  • Segmentation of Hispanic customers
  • Mixed Mode National Bilingual Survey
  • Cognitive Interviews