EurekaFacts InterSight Launched: Live Targeted Social Analysis

live targeted social analysisEurekaFacts is launching InterSight, our latest content analysis tool that is built on analytical strengths, process automation, and machine learning capabilities.

EurekaFacts InterSight is a new AI-leveraged tool that collects and analyzes live social media data from different channels including by influencer, topic, timing, and/or location.

Social Discourse Understood

  • Understand and monitor social interactions on topics
  • Develop audience profiles and characterize by content/attitudes (or vice versa)
  • Target via defined geography, topic, user groups, timing
  • Audience profiles allow for ‘static’ segmentation on social media accounts to supplement and inform live ongoing media discourse
  • English/Spanish bilingual!
  • Design and deploy targeted campaigns

Teens with technology

EurekaFacts InterSight captures data from a wide range of sources and  presents analysis and visualization aimed at non-technical users/viewers. While common applications capture data from multiple social media platforms, its agile architecture can be easily configured to monitor many other types of data.

Five Flexible Visualization Modules 

  1. Sentiment analysis
  2. Topic extraction
  3. Attitudinal/psychographic segmentation
  4. User proximity
  5. Topic proximity


EurekaFacts InterSight is analyst-configured to refine data preparation, treatment, and analysis, and social scientist-managed to ensure high relevance and understanding.

The EurekaFacts InterSight system has wide ranging potential for advertising teams and government agencies who need monitoring, analysis, and visualization of social media data.


About EurekaFacts
EurekaFacts is a full-service market and social research firm in the Washington, D.C. area. We help leaders understand and shape successful programs, communications, and brands through data collection and advanced analytics. Since 2003, we have collaborated with government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and corporations to answer their research questions and business objectives. EurekaFacts is ISO 20252 certified, the highest quality standard in market and social research.