Find the Right Revenue Mix

Membership dues, on average, make up 39% of an association’s total revenue. What is the right mix of non-dues revenue for the other 61%?  

Through the systematic exploration of the opportunities that your stakeholders would value and willingly pay for, your Association can develop and implement efforts that add new or enhanced revenue sources. In doing so, you can increase the value delivered by your Association and boost relevance among your members. 

Since 2003, EurekaFacts has delivered high-quality insights and actionable outcomes for Associations. We understand the many ways in which you can enhance the standing of your Association and can bring you the process, data, and insights to get you there.  

With nearly two decades of experience working with Associations, EurekaFacts has rich experience and expertise in: 

  • examining changes to business models 
  • exploring needs and new revenue opportunities 
  • developing and testing new service offerings 
  • setting and optimizing pricing 
  • building data models to support cross-sell and upsell strategies 
  • and much more 

Contact us with the goal of evaluating your current external and internal revenue streams, reviewing the data your association already collects that can inform your revenue optimization strategy, or exploring demand for service/product offerings that can diversify your revenue. Think of this consultation as your pre-planning meeting, so you can better navigate complex revenue issues.  

Complete the EurekaFacts bid and info request form and Jennifer Late will contact you to discuss this opportunity. 

Association Case Studies

These studies were conducted in full accordance with the international standard for market, public opinion, and social research ISO 20252, to which EurekaFacts is certified. 

Optimizing program pricing

For an association that implements a large training program with offerings online and throughout the country, EurekaFacts conducted a price optimization that identified demand, optimal price ranges for the various types of offerings taking into account both past demand and key attributes (such as format, duration, location, speaker/instructor qualifications, content area). The resulting model provided a market-based price structure that could be applied to hundreds of offerings and refined based on actual demand.

Delivering market data to members

An association of housing community managers sought ways to increase the level of service to members and shape new programs. EurekaFacts conducted a membership study and developed a large study of the markets served by its members. This provided the organization with a rich knowledge base of the needs of both its community management members and associate members (those serving the community management industry). The research gave also gave the association a solid understanding of the boards that hire community management firms and their contractors. This guided the development of non-dues programs, training, and data offerings.

Demonstrating value for big-ticket sponsorships

An association needed to measure the boost that major sponsors received from meaningful engagement within its professional society. EurekaFacts research explored the value of sponsorship. EurekaFacts research provided both a profile of those members engaged in the organization in relation to their purchasing and decision-making roles and offered a measurement of the ‘halo effect’ associated with being a major sponsor. Association conversations now use objective data research to demonstrate proof of sponsorship value.

Designing and implementing actionable engagement strategies for an alumni association

A large university’s alumni association, in preparation for a major initiative and centennial anniversary, needed to develop an engagement plan for alumni. EurekaFacts took the historical records and engagement information available; added updated addresses, demographics, known interests, and other overlays; and developed a segmentation that profiled the various groups. This data-informed targeted engagement strategies from the association and delivered highly localized information to the chapter leadership who could create the types of engagement programming most likely to succeed.

Ensuring effective rollout of non-dues programs – test before you launch

A professional therapists association wanted to launch a new online training program. EurekaFacts conducted testing of several brand and messaging concepts to arrive at an optimal representation of the program likely to resonate with the target audience. Although the alternative concepts appeared to be appealing and well structured, the testing revealed important flaws in some concepts. A clear winning concept was deployed. The association avoided potential pitfalls and launched successfully.


About EurekaFacts

EurekaFacts is a full-service market and social research firm in the Washington, D.C. area. We help leaders understand and shape successful programs, communications, and brands through data collection and advanced analytics. Since 2003, we have collaborated with government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and corporations to answer their research questions and business objectives. EurekaFacts is ISO 20252 certifiedthe highest quality standard in market and social research.