EurekaFacts Evaluates Primary Care Providers Awareness of CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) contracted EurekaFacts, and its partner, the American Institutes for Research, to conduct a comprehensive and mixed methods assessment of primary care providers’ knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors related to awareness of and familiarity with the CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain (“Guideline”). The research also looked at the use of communication materials developed by the CDC to disseminate the Guideline and support its implementation into primary care practice.

The primary research goals were:

(1) assess the relationship between provider engagement with the Guideline (e.g., awareness, familiarity and use of communication materials) and adoption of processes of care that reflect Guideline recommendations; and

(2) understand practice characteristics (e.g., ownership status, region, leadership support and promotion of the Guideline) and provider characteristics (e.g., experience, attitudes) that may facilitate or impede use of the Guideline communications materials and implementation of Guideline recommendations.

EurekaFacts Methodology
EurekaFacts used quantitative and qualitative research to:

  • Obtain insights on primary care physicians’ perceptions and opinions of the Guideline, its associated products, and related CDC services around Guideline dissemination.
  • Identify needs for modification of communication tools and strategies to best ensure that the Guideline informs primary care physicians’ prescribing decisions.
  • Identify primary care physicians’ access and use of CDC’s Guideline communication materials for professional development, clinical decision making, and patient education.
  • Identify attitudinal and structural barriers that may inhibit primary care provider implementation of the Guideline’s recommendations.


The CDC was able to better understand primary care providers atttidudes toward prescribing opioids; their Guideline awareness and familiarity; their processes of care as related to the Guideline; how they obtained and used Guideline communcation tools; and further information needs for physicians and patients.


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