EurekaFacts Performs Market Research Study for AQUAS

Aquas, Inc. needed to arrive at a product name that would effectively position an application that manages ethics compliance in the healthcare industry. The product is a software-as-service (SAS) application, developed by Aquas, and co-marketed with a nonprofit organization that serves compliance officers in healthcare.

Aquas was also looking for a broader way to deliver brand name and brand identity articulation that considered the competitive space, client/customer focus, and the strengths of the product/service.

EurekaFacts used discourse analysis, competitor analysis, and product attributes to develop the messaging platform. A brand name was selected by Aquas based on qualitative research. A focus group was held with compliance officers to obtain greater customer insight and to observe the adoption of the application. Aquas selected ComplyCenter as the application name. 

About EurekaFacts
EurekaFacts is a full-service market and social research firm in the Washington, D.C. area. We help leaders understand and shape successful programs, communications, and brands through data collection and advanced analytics. Since 2003, we have collaborated with government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and corporations to answer their research questions and business objectives. EurekaFacts is ISO 20252 certified, the highest quality standard in market and social research.

AQUAS has built years of experience focusing on results-oriented customized solution systems for case management, asset management, data and information, tracking systems, and inspection systems with compliance and valuable reporting in mind. ComplyCenter™ represents a collaborative effort between AQUAS, Inc. and the Compliance Resource Group, Inc. (CRG) to provide healthcare compliance officers a HIPAA compliant innovative software case management solution for identifying, qualifying, investigating, and monitoring healthcare compliance issues.