EurekaFacts Supports National Public Health Week

National Public Health Week is April 1-7, 2019. The American Public Health Association (APHA) states “we need to address the causes of poor health and disease risk among individuals and within our communities. Where we live, learn, work, worship and play affects each of us and can determine our health and life expectancy. Working together, we can build healthier communities and eventually, the healthiest nation. But we need your help to get there.”

The EurekaFacts Public Health Research group advances public health in the United States and beyond. EurekaFacts has conducted research on behalf of non-profits, associations, and governments that support many of the daily themes of National Public Health Week:

Monday: Healthy CommunitiesMaryland Emergency Preparedness NetworkWMATA Ridership, At-Risk Population Study

Tuesday: Violence Prevention – Small Smart City

Wednesday: Rural Health – Flu Vaccine, CDC Opioids Guideline

Thursday: Technology and Public Health – Twitter Sentiment Tool for JUUL/Opioids, AQUAS, Pinpoint Artificial Intelligence

Friday: Climate ChangeUS Army Corps of EngineersMaryland Bike Study, Arlington Bike Study

Saturday/Sunday: Global Health – Union Wounaan


About EurekaFacts
EurekaFacts is a full-service market and social research firm in the Washington, D.C. area. We help leaders understand and shape successful programs, communications, and brands through data collection and advanced analytics. Since 2003, we have collaborated with government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and corporations to answer their research questions and business objectives. EurekaFacts is ISO 20252 certifiedthe highest quality standard in market and social research.


About American Public Health Association
The American Public Health Association (APHA) champions the health of all people and all communities. APHA strengthens the public health profession and speaks out for public health issues and policies backed by science. With a 150-year perspective, APHA influences federal policy and brings together members from all fields of public health. During each day of National Public Health Week, APHA focuses on one particular public health topic (healthy communities, violence prevention, rural health, technology and public health, climate change, and global health) and identifies ways each of us can make a difference on that topic. Check out the Healthiest Nation Fact Sheets.