PinPoint: New AI Tool for Market Intelligence and Consumer Product Compliance Monitoring

EurekaFacts has developed and implemented a market intelligence and consumer product compliance monitoring system that keeps real-time intelligence of entire industries. The first application of the EurekaFacts PinPoint system monitored tobacco product advertisements in print, online, and across social media within the U.S. EurekaFacts PinPoint provided ongoing monitoring and identification of ads, labels, and packages, coded potential violations, and shared the results with those who monitor changes and compliance of regulations.

With the exponential rise of personalized messaging, fragmentation of media channels, and rapid growth of social media, the need for timely market intelligence and compliance monitoring is growing exponentially. In some industries, product innovation has also resulted in new product categories and brands to follow, as was the case with the inclusion of newly regulated tobacco products such as e-cigarettes. EurekaFacts harnessed its capabilities in data management, artificial intelligence (AI), and social science to not only keep up with requirements, but to also continually inform the requirements themselves based on data collected.

“These quantitative research methods are valuable beyond tobacco products,
across items monitored by both state and federal agencies and firms protecting brands.
Creating AI processes in activities that experience explosive growth in scope presents
optimal opportunities to contain costs, reduce lag times in reporting of incidents and
material findings, and leverage the value of previously manually collected data.”

Jorge Restrepo, EurekaFacts CEO

The EurekaFacts PinPoint system captures data from a wide range of sources: social media, print media subscription and clipping services, submissions by organizations, and a network of contributors throughout the country. A few of the unique features include:

Human Monitored AI – Machine learning plays a critical role in assisting with the coding effort by filtering needle-in-a-haystack material and suggests predetermined actions or procedures that require human intervention. This is achieved by applying several algorithms to each item, including simple dictionary-based look-ups, object image and character recognition, neural network classifiers, and others. The algorithms are trained with thousands of manually-coded records and achieve more accuracy than the manual coding effort.

Adaptable Coding Schema – Using social science, the EurekaFacts team built an interchangeable module that codifies objectives, target conditions, and their basis. In the case of the tobacco monitoring effort, the development of a codified structure of the applicable laws and regulations was applied to the inspection of any individual item such as an ad, social media post, point-of-purchase material, or label. A secondary coding structure was applied to account for key conditions that presented context such as target audiences, events, or specific jurisdictions.

As a new application of the EurekaFacts PinPoint system, EurekaFacts is exploring a deployment to enable rapid response to citizen-sourced monitoring of services for municipal agencies. In these instances, citizens can deliver massive amounts of data that can be swiftly processed and aggregated to inform prioritized response in areas such as notification of road conditions, traffic and public safety, “see something say something” campaigns, and satisfaction with city services.

The EurekaFacts PinPoint system has wide ranging potential for brand/policy compliance teams and government agencies who need surveillance, monitoring, and tracking petabytes of data in print, online, and over social media.


About EurekaFacts
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