EurekaFacts Collaborates with the Maryland Transportation Institute for Enhanced Transportation Data

Dec 11, 2018 | News

ROCKVILLE, MD – EurekaFacts has entered into a collaborative agreement with the Maryland Transportation Institute (MTI) at the University of Maryland at College Park. Maryland Transportation Institute Director Lei Zhang shared “the purpose of this collaboration is to deliver enhanced solutions and information to transportation decision-makers across the region and nationwide. Our efforts bring together big data analytics of the UMD’s Maryland Transportation Institute with the EurekaFacts data collection capabilities.”

Paul Schroeder, Chief Business Officer at EurekaFacts and an expert in transportation research, conveys how this public-private partnership adds value to those who study traffic patterns and the travel habits of Americans.


We’re excited about this new partnership with MTI, which brings
together transportation big data and survey data collection to produce
new insights regarding our national highways and transit systems

– Paul Schroeder, Chief Business Officer, EurekaFacts

Transportation has a long track record of using big data to inform critical decisions impacting our society. Adding primary data collection capabilities to the aggregation and analysis of passive data collected and processed by MTI allows for robust analysis and additional insights into traffic patterns and trends.


The Maryland Transportation Institute partners with industry and government toward zero traffic fatalities, congestion mitigation, infrastructure construction, maintenance cost reduction and advanced technologies for Maryland. MTI and its affiliates have developed technologies and procedures that optimize emergency response planning, help government officials make better investment decisions and prevent hundreds of crashes. These innovations save Maryland residents millions of dollars a year in lost time, repairs and energy costs.


Each organization brings data important to solving our toughest transportation challenges. Together, we provide richer data and insights to transportation decision-makers across the region and nationwide.


About EurekaFacts

EurekaFacts is a market research firm with focus group facilities, usability and cognitive labs, multilingual call centers, multinational interviewing and vast data collection. Headquartered in Rockville, EurekaFacts is a leading insights provider for transportation research and urban planning. Partners enjoy our innovative quantitative and qualitative research methods and effective use of the latest technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI), geographic information systems (GIS) and advanced analytics. We pinpoint the insights and data you need to shape your transportation initiatives for a better, safer, healthier world.

About Maryland Transportation Institute

Maryland Transportation Institute is a research institute at the University of Maryland (UMD) advancing transportation innovation for enhanced economic development and quality of life across Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic. It focuses on key challenges related to automated vehicles, infrastructure safety, security, nextgen freight and logistics, smart cities and future mobility. It collaborates with 10 UMD colleges and is affiliated with the largest US transportation big data center, Center for Advanced Transportation Technology Lab and the DOT-designated National Transportation Center.