Upgraded AV Technology for Research Lab

EurekaFacts is proud to announce that we just finished upgrading the AV technology for our focus group and user testing facilities in Rockville. As a client put it, “The video quality is amazing! It’s going to be hard to go back to the old-school low resolution next time I have to watch a focus group video!”.

The new features include ultra-high resolution; crystal-clear video streaming, pan-zoom-tilt digital cameras with multiple locations in the room, ‘whisper to moderator’ feature from the observation room, advanced data coding and built-in video editing features, easy 1-2-3 data exports, and much more.  The enhancements offer clear benefits to focus group sessions, In depth interviewing, usability and cognitive testing.  

EurekaFacts Field Services Director Cheryl Wiese says “We are very excited to add this upgrade to the best focus group facility in the region. We look forward to welcoming current and new clients and having them benefit from this wonderful technology”.