Survey Results for Proposed New Community Center in Rockville’s Southwest Now Available Online

ROCKVILLE, MD — Results from a survey conducted to assess residents’ views on whether they desire a new community center are available online at the City of Rockville’s website.

The “City of Rockville Community Interest Survey” was conducted Jan. 8-Feb. 7 and was sent to households within the general area proposed for the new center — west of I-270 and south of Hurley Avenue.

The results can be viewed at Consultant EurekaFacts presented the survey results to the Mayor and Council at their Monday, April 9 meeting.

The survey found that 66.7 percent of respondents support or strongly support a new community recreation center in the area.
The survey also asked all respondents to identify their priorities for recreation spaces in the survey area.

• 46 percent placed a high priority on more natural areas (e.g., green spaces).
• 30 percent placed a high priority on improvement to existing park and recreation facilities.
• 26 percent placed a high priority on greater access to facilities for outdoor sports (e.g., soccer, baseball, basketball).
• 25 percent placed a high priority on additional community recreation centers.

Respondents who support or strongly support a new center weighed in on their preferred location. The most preferred location was the vicinity of the Wootton Parkway and Falls Road intersection. The top requested amenity of a new center was a “fitness/wellness center.”

The Mayor and Council’s discussion of possible funding for a new community center will be part of a Monday, April 23 work session on the FY 2019 budget.

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