Montgomery County Economic Development Corp. Interviews EurekaFacts on Camera

ROCKVILLE – EurekaFacts CEO Jorge Restrepo spent the afternoon on camera with Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation’s (MCEDC) President & CEO David Petr as part of its “Think Discovery Series” discussing how EurekaFacts uses smart analytical research to measure impacts, maximize opportunities and reduce risks for organizations in Rockville and around the globe.

DAVID: Tell me about the services that EurekaFacts offers

JORGE: EurekaFacts offers market research, social science research, public opinion polling and analytics. In (analytics), we have been growing a lot. We’ve been focusing on advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to inform research efforts to predict, pinpoint areas that may be different from the rest when you have a lot of data and to help automate (data collection) processes.

Who are some of the clients that you work with?

We work with foundations, corporations and a significant portfolio (of clients) in government – federal, state and local governments in Maryland and around the US.

It really is a diverse client base.

It is… what we have in Montgomery County made us who we are. We have a lot of that diversity on our team that helped us understand the rest of the world. It has positioned us with a major strategic advantage.

One of the unique things you do is cognitive and usability testing. Tell me more.

One aspect that you want to make sure of when you’re developing a product, an assessment or any application… is to make sure your intended audience understands your messaging the way that you want it to be understood.

This is everything from nutrition labels to warning labels to everything in between.

That is correct

Understanding the intention of the information that reaches the person cognitively processing the information.


Translated to English:

What is the future for EurekaFacts?

In our first 15 years, we’ve accomplished significant growth and have everything we need to keep expanding. We have a data collection team in El Salvador and artificial intelligence development team in Medellin. We look forward to serving a larger number of clients around the world in an intentional way – accelerating our growth here and in other countries.

Thank you for showing me around. I’ve learned so much. Here’s to your continued success in Rockville and beyond.

David, thank you so much.


“In our 15 years, we’ve accomplished significant growth and have everything we need to keep expanding. We have a data collection team in El Salvador and artificial intelligence development team in Medellin, Colombia. We look forward to serving a larger number of organizations around the world in an intentional way – accelerating growth here and in other countries.”



About EurekaFacts

EurekaFacts is a market research firm focused on quantitative and qualitative research as well as advanced data analysis. Headquartered in Rockville, EurekaFacts has emerged as a leading insights provider with specialized expertise in conducting research with hard-to-reach audiences, including Hispanic entrepreneurs, consumers and 11 segmentos of Hispanics plus a number of other lingual groups.

About Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation

Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation is a public-private partnership committed to accelerating economic growth in Montgomery County, Maryland. We strategically connect business decision makers to market intelligence, premier locations and top talent. Our vision is to showcase the county as an ideal location to start, grow or expand a business, with the resources to help companies succeed. Montgomery County is a great place to live and work with a diverse, creative, highly educated population.