EurekaFacts Forms Artificial Intelligence Center, Joins Ruta N Innovation Network in Medellin, Colombia

ROCKVILLE, MD, March 6, 2018 – EurekaFacts has been invited to base its artificial intelligence and machine learning development at the Ruta N Innovation Network based in Medellin, Colombia. Through the Ruta N Landing Program, EurekaFacts will gain access to talent, resources, and an ecosystem of innovation firms. These focus on innovation in information technology, and business process automation among its six target cluster areas. This resource will be instrumental in EurekaFacts initiative to develop AIM, its center for Artificial Intelligence Mechanics.

“We are excited about having EurekaFacts in our network,” says Alejandro Franco, Executive Director of Ruta N. Founded in 2010, Ruta N was created to inspire and encourage innovation in the city and create favorable conditions for business and entrepreneurship. It aims to make Medellin the preeminent innovation hub in South America.

EurekaFacts CEO Jorge Restrepo says, “We are basing our AI unit in Colombia to support our operations in the US and throughout Latin-America. The city and its talent offer great opportunities for insight and innovation that is hard to find anywhere else around the world. Ruta N is a prime example of a city that gets the importance of supporting entrepreneurship and innovation.”

Established in 2003, EurekaFacts has risen as a new kind of insights provider, utilizing innovation to support high-quality research, data capture, and advanced analytics. The company conducts advanced analytics for predictive modeling and process automation. EurekaFacts provides information and insight that helps identify and maximize opportunities for a better impact. 

Ruta N emphasizes four key ingredients: talent training, access to capital, generation of the necessary infrastructure, and development of innovative businesses. In this way it promotes an innovative culture, the creation of jobs, strengthening of institutions, talent training, and access to markets.


Learn more about EurekaFacts. Learn more about Ruta N (in English) or Ruta N (in Spanish)