EurekaFacts to Use EEG (Electroencephalogram) Devices to Hear What Participants Aren’t Saying

Measuring non-conscious processing with EEG for market research

Our researchers can now measure and compare the emotional impact of an advertisement and discover which content and features drive engagement and which can ultimately connect aspects of design to real behavior. Rather than relying solely on customer’s filtered verbal reports, EurekaFacts uses EEG (electroencephalogram) measures to obtain non-conscious, non-filtered participant reactions to products in real-time. When combined with eye-tracking software, our clients can get a glimpse of once hidden critical information on individuals’ reactions that are driving their decisions.

Why use EEG

EEG (electroencephalogram) devices can be used for a variety of applications, including safety labels, food and beverage products, videos, or messaging. With EEG, we measure brain waves; this means that we can measure typically unconscious brain processing and the emotional impact of a brand. You will get a view of consumer’s real moment to moment experiences, analyzing immediate responses and reactions to advertisements the second that they occur.  EurekaFacts can also provide a unique combination of both non-conscious (EEG measures) and conscious (verbal reports) measures to deliver accurate and supported insight on consumer’s experience.

What you will see

We can provide statistically sound measures of excitement (arousal), interest (valence), engagement/boredom, attention (focus), and relaxation (meditation). This unique combination of factors provides exceptional insight and ability to capture the following:

  • Second-to-second increments of an advertisement that are more or less effective;
  • Ability to identify what provokes a more emotional response;
  • Actual consumer reactions and whether it matches your desired intent;
  • Know what elicits a higher degree of interest and attention;
  • Compare versions and provide recommendations based on non-conscious reactions and preferences.

The wireless headset is an advanced non-invasive lightweight device that can be used in either controlled research settings or natural environments. With real-time capabilities and features, and a team of expert researchers, EurekaFacts offers a unique product that can translate across all dimensions including but not limited to, advertising and media, scientific and academic research, and education and training.