EurekaFacts to use EEG (electroencephalogram) devices to hear what participants aren’t saying

Our researchers can now measure and compare the emotional impact of an advertisement and discover which content and features drive engagement, which can ultimately connect aspects of design to real behavior. Rather than relying solely on customer’s filtered verbal reports, EurekaFacts uses EEG (electroencephalogram) measures to obtain non-conscious, non-filtered participant reactions to products in real-time. When combined with eye tracking software, our clients can get a glimpse of once hidden critical information on individual’s reactions that are driving their decisions.


EurekaFacts, LLC, Scores Among Top Performers by Dun & Bradstreet's Open Ratings

ROCKVILLE, Md., February 17, 2017 -- EurekaFacts announces that it has been certified as a Top Performer based on Dun & Bradstreet's Open Ratings past performance evaluation (PPE) survey responses of EurekaFacts referenced customers. EurekaFacts’ PPE score of 94% across nine key measures demonstrates outstanding overall customer satisfaction relative to client expectations and to similar companies in its industry.

In a time of great social and market change, it is important to stay focused on the customer's objectives. With all measures in the mid to upper nineties, the score represents EurekaFacts' dedication to excellence. In individual categories of reliability, customer support, order accuracy, business relations, personnel, and responsiveness, EurekaFacts scored a 95% or higher.

Jorge Restrepo, EurekaFacts Founder and President, stated, "I think this is a testament to the customer-oriented culture at EurekaFacts and the dedication of every team member to consistently deliver superior quality solutions.” Mr. Restrepo also stated, "I am very fortunate to have assembled a great team of experienced and highly qualified researchers and analysts. They deserve a lot of credit for exhibiting such a level of quality service which embodies our core values."

The company has maintained high ratings since it first implemented enterprise-wide measurement of customer satisfaction in 2005. Open Ratings calculates supplier performance scores using a sophisticated algorithm that considers the amount of information available on a supplier, the accuracy of the raters and how current the information is. Corporate executives noted that the strong rating from Dun & Bradstreet's Open Ratings evaluation might increase their chances of winning contracts and serves as a springboard as EurekaFacts prepares to submit proposals in some of the upcoming procurements.

About EurekaFacts

EurekaFacts is a full-service marketing research and data analytics firm that provides customer and stakeholder insights for organizations to shape and optimize their business decisions, strategies, and tactics. Using our knowledge, experience and the latest and best tools and methods available, EurekaFacts is committed to serving organizations with our core technical skills in quantitative and qualitative research and advanced data analysis. Focused on quality and positive social impact, the company established its own Institutional Review Board, is certified to the international standard for market, public opinion and social research ISO 20252, maintains a FISMA-rated secure environment, and is a minority-owned SDB/MBE/DBE certified firm.

For more information about EurekaFacts, visit our web site or directly contact Erik Schonher, MBA, CeM, CDO, 240.403.1945,

Innovation in Cognitive Research among Children

The EurekaFacts Consumer Insights and Human Factors teams will be presenting their latest advances in cognitive science methodology at the AAPOR Conference in New Orleans, LA. The studies contribute to better science in cognitive research among children. Research titled “The Effect of Interview Duration on the Think-Aloud Quality in Children” and “Concurrent versus Retrospective Think-Aloud Method in 4th Grade Children” will be presented by EurekaFacts Director of Customer Insights, Bohdana Sherehiy, PhD, and Cognitive Research Scientist Mila Sugovic, PhD. The studies are co-authored with Senior Analyst Ismail Nooraddini, M.A., and Analysts Michael Plotkin and Cecilia Teal MSW.

EurekaFacts is presenting at APHA 2016!

EurekaFacts experts will present original research findings from the EurekaFacts Millennial Panel at the American Public Health Association 2016 Annual Meeting & Expo taking place Oct. 29 – Nov. 2 in Denver, CO.

EurekaFacts presentations include:

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EurekaFacts Certified to ISO 20252 International Quality Standard for Social Research

Port Jefferson, NY – The CASRO Institute for Research Quality (CIRQ) has awarded certification to EurekaFacts for compliance to the ISO 20252 Standard for Market, Opinion and Social Research. EurekaFacts hits several first’s with this certification: first among minority business enterprise (MBE) firms, first among Hispanic-owned companies, and first among Maryland companies.

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