Focus Groups

If you need to understand and target perceptions and attitudes toward the study subject areas, a particular product, service, and the customer’s information needs or decision-making process, focus groups are an excellent way to collect data. Focus groups are also useful to learn which issues need to be addressed in marketing campaign planning. Focus groups are often recommended because they allow research participants to comment on the question areas and elaborate on the ideas presented by others, so that the outcome provides rich background information on your research areas as they would be discussed with others.

At EurekaFacts, trained focus group moderators and recruiters will collect a wide range of input, uncover implications, probe for new ideas, and identify possible areas of sought value. With many years of experience in conducting focus groups nationwide, our focus group moderators facilitate sessions with groups of diverse backgrounds, lifestyles, occupations, and educational levels. Also, EurekaFacts' has expertise in recruiting and interviewing hard to reach populations including Spanish speakers, international students, teenagers, low-income populations, educators, school administrators, agency personnel and executives.

EurekaFacts will record each session in digital format to facilitate analysis. The data will be collected and analyzed searching for commonalities, threads, cross-group differences, trends, and centrality of concepts. 

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